How to generate the token.

To generate a CSV file with the asset ids (uuid) and the desired metadata fields, you need to first generate the token.

  • To generate the token navigate to Admin from the drop-down next to the logo.
  • Select API setup in Global Settings in left sidebar.
  • You can generate a user token on this page. Save it somewhere safe, you’ll need to generate a new one if you loose it.

How to build the code.

To run the CLI based exporter tool, you need to install golang.

  • After verifying that go is available on your terminal.
  • Clone this repo
  • Run go build .
  • It will generate a binary file by name widen-exporter
  • You can run this file like ./widen-exporter and generate the csv file by passing the params as per your requirements.

How to use.

Mapping file for Webdam to Widen Migration (for Acquia)

./widen-exporter mapping --token="dummy/somerandomgeneratedtoken" --filename="yourfilename.csv"  

Metadata export

./widen-exporter metadata  --token="dummy/somerandomgeneratedtoken" --filename="yourfilename.csv" --query="ff:{PDF}" metadata_field_1 metadata_field_2 metadata_custom_3
  • You can get the query string from Advanced Search in Widen UI.
  • All metadata fields will be the machinename of metadata fields.